Babies are the source of joy for any family. It has been observed that whenever an infant or a toddler enters into the room he can make the whole room full of adults smile. Babies are the purest forms of mankind who have the reflection of angels in them. Every parent cherishes and loves their children with all their heart. They try their best to get the best of the things for their children especially during their developing phase. Parents need to be extra careful while buying the products for the children varying from the age of about first month till the age of three years. Even though first priority should always be breastfeeding but there are many such situations in which an alternative milk form is required. Now, it is up to the parents that which quality of milk formula they select for their child. It is always better to use the organic products for your child. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that what type of milk formula is Bellamy’s organic infant formula.

Infant milk formula:

Infant milk formula or we can also say it as a baby milk formula is the powdered milk which is given to feed the child from the age of one month to three year or more. This milk formula is mixed in specific amount of water and then is fed to baby either in feeder or through cup. There are three types of infant milk formulas. One is the kind of milk formula which is made up of cow’s milk. Then there is the milk formula that is composed by the soybean based formula. Third is the type of formula which is made up of protein hydrolsysate formula.

What type of milk formula is Bellamy’s organic infant formula?

Bellamy’s organic infant formula is the kind of a formula which is made up of a cow’s milk. It is present in three different packaging for children of three different age groups. There is Bellamy’s organic infant formula step 1 for the new born babies varying from the age group of zero to twelve months. Then there is Bellamy’s organic infant formula step 2 for the infants of age group one to two years old. Bellamy’s organic infant formula step 3 is the milk formula for the toddlers varying from two to three years of age.


Even though doctors’ first preference for babies and infants has always been breastfeeding but mothers come across many such situations where they are unable to breastfeed their baby so they opt for the milk formula. Bellamy’s organic infant formula is considered as one of the best milk formulas which has been made by the use of hundred percent organic products without the inculcation of any kind of additives. “The nappy shop” is an online store that delivers the best quality of Bellamy’s organic infant formula at your doorsteps. Check this website to find out more details.

What Type Of Milk Formula Is Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula?