Not all structures and components in your garden area are candy for the eyes. Garden hoses, air conditioners, garbage bins and many other things can ruin the serene vibe that you are shooting for. Simply hide them in plain sight by cleverly painting the structures with the same colour as their background. Such camouflaging can conceal everything that you don’t want your guests to see by not compromising on the appeal or your wallet. Most homeowners underestimate the potential of their garden area and put off the improvement projects, assuming that it would cost them way more than they can afford. However, it doesn’t always have to cost as much, and with some careful planning and creative thinking, you too can transform that ordinary outdoor space into a luxurious one. We will fill you in three simple, yet very effective tricks and tips that will help you get this done with a small budget, fast.

Focus on the entry

The entry to your property will include everything from the gate to the driveway to the walkway to the door, and all these elements must be at their best to impress your guests and create a luxe-looking exterior. The house number and the gate can be redesigned to complement each other in terms of color and design. The concrete driveways can become discoloured after years of exposure to dirt, dust and sun’s harmful UV rays. An effective solution to this problem would be driveway sealing in Central Coast, that will act a protective barrier against all those externalities. It is always advisable to decorate the walkway with lines of shrubs or boarders of flowers along the sides to bring the path to life. As for the front door, which is pretty much the focus of the front yard, make sure it stands out among everything else around it by painting the door with a bright and dominant colour.

Get creative with colours

If you believe in your taste of art and architecture, then do not hesitate to use the various elements in the outer area to generate a symphony of colours. The flower pots, the garden furniture, the garage door and almost everything else can become more interesting with a fresh coat of paint. Try to move away from the boring old brown and gray colours that can be seen every other home garden and embrace those bright, fresh shades that truly bring life to the space. Even without using a paint brush you can make the are more colourful by giving it a thorough cleansing using best concrete sealing Lake Macquarie equipment, to reveal the true hue that has been concealed by the accumulation of dust and grime.

A water feature

Although many think of water features as highly expensive investments that are only for the super-rich, they are quite affordable, and for those of you who love getting your hands-on DIY projects, this could be the next big thing. A simple structure such as a patio fountain or a bubbling urn will not take more than a few hours to crate and set up all by yourself, saving thousands of dollars on equipment and labour.

Three Clever Tricks To Make The Outdoor Space Of Your Home Look Expensive