When they are just babies, we cannot get enough of our kid’s pics, nothing changes along the way except for the fact that they become less and less enthusiastic to pose for us as they grow up. Come the teenage years they outright feel embarrassed to even stand in for a snap with us. Well it is all a part of parenthood I guess .That is exactly why we should take all the pics to our hearts consent when they really don’t have say in what we dress them and what silly things we make them do for the sake of memories.

Newborn baby photography Melbourne is a lovely way to document your journey as new parents and is an eye opener to how fragile your little bundle of joy is. Such intimate moments as her mommy and daddy will make you fall in love with her over and over again and draw you in closer to her. That moment when you hold her tiny hand for the portrait will be one you will cherish and look back on as she walks to her first day in kindergarten. Taking pictures of your tiny one can be loads of work, do not be fooled by their size they are a lot of work. I’m sure you have that figured out by now. The best time for them to come out for is right after their morning feed , that is when both you and she are well rested and in the best of behavior and I know from experience that things can get ugly very soon so it is best to get to work asap. Newborns are cute and cuddly and make great subjects for photographs, wrapped in a cozy shawl they look so much as peace that it allows for many picture perfect moments and makes my job so much easier for me.

Most often they are in deep sleep, as new born would be and if you are lucky we can sneak in a pic with their eyes gazing up at you. Even before she is here and you want to hold on to a few pics,pregnancy photography with a friendly photographer will give you a lot of reason to look forward to the day you can include her in your family photos.Your journey with your little one is something that cannot be replaced. Take it one cautious step at a time and enjoy all of it in its glory, for there is nothing else quite like it. Visit this link http://siobhanwolff.photography/maternity-session/ for more info on pregnancy photography Melbourne.

Something Special To Hold On To