What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the branch of psychology that involves the study of the human movement. Kinesiology has a vast meaning. The human movement may be affected by mental stress or any disease that may cause malfunctioning of the body organ. It involves the study of the looks and the problem which the people have faced while walking and give them their possible remedies. No doubt, physical therapy treat their patients more effectively and more passionately but we need kinesiology when a patient makes his subconscious belief that he never walk again. Physiotherapy comes, practices him his exercise, talk to him a little, and go back. But kinesiology focuses on counselling. He not only judges their movement but also stimulates that your subconscious beliefs are lying, you can do and do it in a better way. Mostly, the youth is suffered from mental stress. In many cases, they suffer in road accidents and become ashamed and feel guilty about their mistake. When he went into depression, the healing process becomes low due to his weak innate immunity. The counselling is the major factor to stimulate him that mistakes are a part of life and next time you will be better know how you can manage the situation. If counselling alone does not work, kinesiology is required, it’s not only treating is a disorder by therapy but also prevent or prepare him to avoid this mishap.

Features of Kinesiology:

  • It determines whether the disorder is found. It may be in body, mind, or spirit.
  • It includes the testing of muscles that can be stressed other body organs include neurons and nerves. Sometimes, adrenal glands are not responding even in a flight-fight response, the pressure exerted on the limbs and neck stimulates to open up the blockage of nerves.
  • The therapists use all the entry of their own and release the patient stress that may cause pain in their limbs and neck. In kinesiology, the pressure is gently applied to the patient’s body’s parts and thus may open the blockage.
  • Kinesiology includes the monitoring of the muscles and can treat many mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. The kinesiology provides counselling which provides you a better environment and you feel relief.
  • Kinesiology includes the type of treatment which may include the massaging of the body or put a pressure bandage on the lymphatic tissues.
  • Re-balancing of the muscles freshen him and counselling in burwood urges the man to live within boundary limits in a memorable time.


If we talk about counselling separately from the therapy, it is the recommendation that takes a man in his comfort zone. According to an American Association, counselling invokes people to adopt the change to spend a positive life.

Introduction & Features Of Kinesiology