Installation process of a Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioner is one of the best ways to keep one’s home cool and cosy. They do not create any noise, consume little energy, and its installation is convenient.  Since the split Ac is ductless, all one has to do is install the inside unit in the room and the outside unit on the wall or near the wall being cool.  To connect the pipes, one has to gauge a hole in the wall. A person who has the experience of electric and plumbing work can easily do split system installation without the help of any professional. Although each conditioner differs from the other, yet the general installation process is the same.

Few steps of installation:

Indoor unit installation

We should take few things under construction while performing the installation process.

  •   Unobstructed Location

One is supposed to make a hole through the wall to fix the pipes from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. One thing one person should be conscious of while making a hole is to choose the place for performing this action. We recommend it to choose such a spot where sunlight does not reach the pipes. We recommend it to choose the location with studs to make sure that the wall is strong enough to bear the weight of the unit. Second, the units should be installed around 3.3.feet away from antennas and such wires for television, radio, home security, and telephones etc.  Apart from this, such locations should also be avoided which experiences gas leakage.

  •   Securing the mounting plate

Hold the mounting plate against the wall where one intends to install the indoor unit. Level should be installed to make sure whether the level is both horizontally and vertically levelled or not. We should mark the location of the screw hole with a pencil and later remove the plate, drill a hole into the wall

  •   Drilling

 Mark the center of the hole in the mounting plate. Make use of a saw to cut hole to create a circular 3 in 7.6cm opening through the wall. One thing a person should be sure of is that there should be no pipes or wires before drilling or cutting the hole for the split system air conditioner in adelaide.

  •   Checking the electricity connection

First the covers should be removed and also it should also be made sure that the cable wires are correctly connected to the screw terminals. We should also check it whether the wiring matches the diagram.

  •   Pipe insertion

First, secure the copper pipes, power cable, and drain pipes together with the help of electrical tape. We should place the drain pipe to ensure free flow of water. Insert the pipes and cable through the hole in the wall and secure them to the indoor designated spot following the manual. One should make sure that each line is pre-insulated, so one does not have to make a fuss about adding insulation.  It is better to minimize the bending of pipes and cables for better performance of the unit.

  •   Securing the indoor unit

The last step in the split system installation is to attach the air conditioner to the wall by aligning the female connections on the back of the unit with the male connection. After that, it should be firmly pressed to make sure we place the unit right in place.

.     Outdoor Unit Installation

After the indoor split system installation, they fix the outdoor unit. Following are the steps that should be followed for the sake of safe installation.

  •      The outdoor unit should be positioned away from heavy trafficked, dusty, or hot areas.
  •   We should lay the outdoor unit on the concrete pad.
  •   They should lay a rubber cushion on top of the pad to lessen vibration. The unit should also be secured with the help of anchor bolts.
  •   Covers from the condenser should be removed by fastening the cables with a cable clamp
  •   Finally, they should connect the power to fly to a designated outlet. The copper pipes can be eliminated to avoid excess cable from creating problems.

Project Completion

  •   The caps from the 2 way and 3 way valves and the service port should be removed. Later, the vacuum pump hose should be connected to the service port. We should turn the vacuum on until it reaches an absolute vacuum of 10mm Hg. Afterwards, the low pressure knob should be closed and we should turn the vacuum off.
  •   To make sure that the pipes do not move, we should attach it to the wall with clamps.

·               Finally, one can turn on the AC to enjoy the cooling effects.

Installation Process Of A Split System Air Conditioner