Installing blinds in your room, office space or living room and then at randomly turning them up or down without knowing why exactly should you position it in either way, is where exactly you are lacking the knowledge of effectively using blinds. Hence, many times, people just get annoyed by how there is lack of privacy, or so much light passing through, which is why they either completely get rid of blinds and replace it with curtains, or get their windows tinted and for extra layer of privacy and having the best of both worlds, they install both curtains and blinds. If you have a blind in your space, or are planning to revamp your space and thinking of getting good blinds, We suggest you to give this a read and know how efficiently can you use blinds to your advantage. 

Let’s discuss Blinds and Privacy First:

Without thinking you would often find yourself tilting your blinds either in upwards direction or many times in downwards direction, but if you really want privacy, the way to do that is to turn your blinds facing upwards, this is when the round edge faces outwards. How does this ensure privacy you wonder? Well, a curious passerby who wants to peek in will be unable to see in as the convex blind side faces towards the window, the prying eyes won’t see a thing. But at the night hour, if you have your lights switched on, and the blind settings is facing down wards, then a passerby who wants to peek in can easily see inside.

In Summers, Position Your Blinds Upwards Facing:

In summer, without doubt the rooms are generally hot and the way you position your roller blinds Gosford impact the energy inside the room, as of course it impacts in what direction the sunlight comes into your room. Here we suggest, the best setting to keep your room temperatures controlled, you should tilt the blind facing upwards, this lets the heat direction flow towards the ceiling. In other words, that’s how you are closing your blinds.

In Winter, Position Your Blinds Open

Of Course, the rooms are cold already and if the sun is out, enjoy that warmth and let sun come inside. For best sunlight and to keep your room comfortably warm, keep your blinds open. This will allow the heat to move around inside the room.

Now that you have had a basic walk through how blinds can be best used to your need, with an assurance that the installation and blinds design has a purpose and a method to use, head on to and check out the different types of blinds, their usage and suitability and get yourself a free consultation at your home and a free quotation!

How To Position Your Blinds And Its Benefits