Just as the Richmond football club merchandise, the Collingwood FC merchandise is also a club which plays in the AFL. This club was formed in the 1892 and it is named because it was founded in the suburb Collingwood which was in the Melbourne city. The Collingwood fc merchandise is considered to be one of the most famous clubs in the AFL and has been attracting much crowd. It made its record of the most member in 2011 season. The reason why this many people signed for the membership in this year was the win of the AFL premier. Although this is one of the record which was then broken again after two years in the 2013. Due to the its popularity, this club has been in the rivalry with many of the clubs which are also based in Melbourne such as the, Richmond tigers merchandise, Essendon bombers merchandise, Brisbane and many others. The Collingwood fc merchandise has won many games over the time and played as a part of grand finales in even more. 

The identity and the symbol of the Collingwood fc merchandise:

The uniform of the Collingwood fc merchandise consists of the black and white stripes. The jumper is white and there are three black vertical lines on it. Like other clubs in the Australia, these also have their song which is actually derived from a famous song of the World War I. The present version of this song is recorded in the 1972.

The Support of the Collingwood fc merchandise:

As mentioned earlier, the fan base and supporters is greater than many of the clubs. The supporters mostly belong to the working class. Since this class is considered as the poor and low economic class therefore, many clubs joked about these because the fans of the other clubs are usually stereotypes. Not only the club has the fans but they also have the haters. One thing which is said about the club is that you either are a true fan or you are a hater. There is nothing in between. The reason of this is in the era of 1920 and 1930 the Collingwood fc merchandise gained very much popularity and due to which the members of the other clubs developed a hatred and envy towards them and not only this but the club was considered to be Irish catholic group and in that era, these people were looked down by many people in the Australia. Go here for more information about footys. 

The nicknames:

The Collingwood fc merchandise has nicknames and some people call this by the Pies or sometimes the Magpies.

A Brief Guide About The Collingwood Fc Merchandise